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Water, land, community.
Three words every Iowan knows well. Rural or urban or suburban, parent or child, angler or kayaker, these stories belong to us all. Click to watch one of our videos.
  • Take Action: Protect Clean Water in Iowa
    June 7 2016
    ELPC and our allies at the Iowa Environmental Council recently…
  • Small Business Owners Support EPA Water Rule
    July 24 2014
    The Environmental Protection Agency's plan to regulate…
  • Big Victory for Iowa and Clean Water
    July 11 2014
    The Environmental Law & Policy Center and the Iowa…
  • Restore the Clean Water Act: Take Action to Prevent Water Pollution, Reduce Flooding and Protect Habitat
    July 2 2014
    Which waters are most worth protecting? The answer is fundamental…
  • Howard Learner Earth Day Op-Ed in Register - Clean Up Iowa's Lakes and Rivers
    April 22 2014
    On this Earth Day, let’s celebrate how Iowa is becoming a…
  • The Register's Editorial: New regulations needed to deal with nation's water
    February 6 2014
    Iowa has filthy water. This state ranks among the worst in the…

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DMR: Who should pay to improve Iowa's water quality?
Posted Jun 17, 2016

SPIRIT LAKE, Ia. — To the untrained eye, the grouping of plants and shrubs in front of the Spirit Lake Burger King doesn’t look like anything special. But to John Wills, it’s a key piece of a larger strategy to improve the water quality of the Iowa Great Lakes. Water drains off the parking lot and into this biocell, where it’s absorbed into the roots of prairie plants and wood chips, cleansed and gradually released, slowing the flow of nutrients and other... Read More »
DMR: UI panelists debate how Iowa can improve water quality
Posted Jun 16, 2016

Imagine an Iowa where farmers, urban residents and businesses have found a way to prevent phosphorus and nitrogen losses that threaten drinking water, foul Iowa lakes and choke aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico, said panelists at a University of Iowa symposium in Des Moines. "We have a choice about where we go. We can define our future. We can take the steps necessary," said Peter Gleick, co-founder of Pacific Institute, a... Read More »
Iowa Public Radio: Dollars Flow into Water Quality Programs in Iowa, but Their Effectiveness is Still Unclear
Posted May 20, 2016

Iowa Lawmakers, farmers and environmentalists continue to debate the best way to curb water quality issues, following an unsuccessful attempt to fund more projects this legislative session. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has awarded $12 million to 45 demonstration projects in the state. Many of these water quality practices were laid out in the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy from Iowa State University, IDALS, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.... Read More »

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