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Water, land, community.
Three words every Iowan knows well. Rural or urban or suburban, parent or child, angler or kayaker, these stories belong to us all. Click to watch one of our videos.
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    July 24 2014
    The Environmental Protection Agency's plan to regulate…
  • Big Victory for Iowa and Clean Water
    July 11 2014
    The Environmental Law & Policy Center and the Iowa…
  • Restore the Clean Water Act: Take Action to Prevent Water Pollution, Reduce Flooding and Protect Habitat
    July 2 2014
    Which waters are most worth protecting? The answer is fundamental…
  • Howard Learner Earth Day Op-Ed in Register - Clean Up Iowa's Lakes and Rivers
    April 22 2014
    On this Earth Day, let’s celebrate how Iowa is becoming a…
  • The Register's Editorial: New regulations needed to deal with nation's water
    February 6 2014
    Iowa has filthy water. This state ranks among the worst in the…
  • Lakes Are A Fundamental Part of the Iowa Experience
    February 1 2014
    Guest Opinion: Protecting lakes protects economy   …

Latest News

Des Moines Register: Iowa is removing deadly dams, making whitewater parks
Posted Jan 27, 2015

Innocent-looking dams, only a few feet high with water spilling over, often seem easy to slip over in a boat, a bucolic part of a city's identity and a pleasant place to fish. But since 1900, 192 Iowans have died near the treacherous currents of low-head river dams — and 31 within the last 18 years, according to a database by the Iowa Whitewater Coalition. It's a terrifying way to go. Boaters or swimmers slide over the dam and are caught in the circulating currents below, pushed down... Read More »
NPR: Iowa's Largest City Sues Over Farm Fertilizer Runoff In Rivers
Posted Jan 12, 2015

Des Moines, Iowa, is confronting the farms that surround it over pollution in two rivers that supply the city with drinking water. Des Moines Water Workssays it will sue three neighboring counties for high nitrate levels in the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers. It's a novel attempt to control fertilizer runoff from farms, which has been largely unregulated. Too much nitrate can be a health risk, especially for infants under the age of 6 months, and it's difficult to remove from water.... Read More »
Radio Iowa: State may be sued over water quality issues
Posted Jan 06, 2015

Iowa’s largest water utility may soon file a lawsuit challenging the state’s voluntary approach to dealing with farm fertilizer run-off. “There aren’t voluntary regulations on air traffic control or speed limits. When it comes to public safety, voluntarism simply doesn’t work and those of us who are in the business of protecting the natural resources and public safety and health of this state ultimately have not found any kind of comfort through legislative action... Read More »

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