Take Action: Protect Clean Water in Iowa
Take Action: Protect Clean Water in Iowa
ELPC - Des Moines, Iowa

ELPC and our allies at the Iowa Environmental Council recently won a major case in Iowa District Court that compels the state to enforce clean water “anti-degradation” standards. But now the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) has initiated a rulemaking that would significantly weaken the existing anti-degradation standards and undermine the District Court’s ruling. Please take action today to ask the EPC to reject this proposal and uphold clean water standards.

ELPC and IEC have worked together for many years to design, defend and enforce these important standards – a part of the Clean Water Act designed to keep unnecessary pollution out of clean waterways. We have successfully thwarted attack after attack, and this one will be no different – but we need your support and advocacy to help ensure Iowa’s waterways are protected by strong laws.

Here’s the situation: Iowa’s strong anti-degradation standards apply in situations where there will be new or increased pollution and require consideration and implementation of affordable alternatives that would decrease the amount of pollution released into waterways. This clean water standard is essential to addressing problems such as excess nitrates in our drinking water and the increasing number of toxic blue-green algae blooms found in Iowa lakes and rivers. The proposed change would remove consideration of environmental benefit and allow polluters to skirt stronger protections based on cost alone, even if affordable alternatives that provide significant benefits to clean water and public health exist.

Iowa needs to ramp up – not scale back – efforts to protect clean water. Please take action before June 29th to protect clean water standards that keep our lakes and rivers clean and safe.


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