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Sign Our Petition to Save Iowa's Soil & Water by Preventing Runoff

Preventing runoff is a win-win-win for Iowans. It saves farmers' money by keeping their healthy soil where it should be -- on their land for the next generation to continue growing America's food. It helps the environment by keeping excess soil and nutrients from harming our streams, rivers and lakes. And it helps preserve Iowa's culture of outdoorsmanship, be it fishing, boating, hunting or kayaking in our clean and safe waterways. Please sign our petition to say you support preventing runoff in Iowa.

Ask the Iowa DNR to Investigate Coal Piles

A 2009 report from USEPA confirmed that runoff from coal piles happens as a result of rain and snow and may contain high concentrations of heavy metals. Yet, Iowa does not have a water quality standard for runoff from these coal piles. As a concerned citizen, please ask IDNR to further assess the impact of coal storage areas on both groundwater and surface water and to then consider whether a new standard requiring coal plant operators to cover coal piles might be appropriate.

Want More Public Parks on Iowa Rivers? Tell Your Leaders.

The Riverfront Park in Charles City, IA, is a beautiful and successful model for reinventing our riverfronts into accessible open spaces with engaging activities for all. This model can and should be replicated in communities throughout the state. Ask your public leaders to create more accessible open spaces around rivers in your community.

Tell Your Leaders You Want Strong Flood Controls for Iowa

Iowa communities are still recovering from the 2008 floods that came, unexpectedly, just 15 years after the last "100-year flood." Since then, the state has been gathering information about flood-related issues and the risk of flooding has continued to increase. But we still have yet to take decisive action, as a state, to prevent the kind of floods that have proven devastating to Iowa communities. Use the form below to ask your state leaders to take action.

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